Who Are Pelipod?


Pelipod was created by a team of entrepreneurs who passionately believe that the parcel delivery experience has to be better than it is today. Consumers, retailer’s, couriers and the environment all suffer through failed deliveries and at Pelipod we are going to change this forever.




The Pelipod  team has a wealth of experience in building great products and businesses across a variety of industries from logistics, IT, security and ecommerce. The Pelipod concept brings together telecommunications, logistics, retail, e-commerce, product design and high fashion with the aim of changing the way parcels are delivered.




Passionate about protecting the environment while creating a positive ecommerce experience Pelipod will make missing a parcel delivery a thing of the past.

Our Values and Beliefs

Here at Pelipod, we want to make a difference. We aim to change the way parcels are delivered so benefiting the customer, the courier, the retailer and, especially the planet.

As a business we take our social responsibilities seriously. We will engage with and support relevant charities and we will do our best to have a positive impact within our local communities.

Failed deliveries mean extra journeys. Across Europe 20% of parcels are not delivered first time. Pelipods will cut carbon emissions by reducing those wasted miles; saving carbon and maybe reducing congestion by just a little!

We think outside the box – or do we think inside the Pod? Either way, we aim to bring you products that have a real positive impact.

Your Pelipod was designed from the outset to be fully recyclable. It is made from partly recycled material but at the end of its life it will reincarnate into....well, who knows! But at least it shouldn't end up in a landfill.

Why wait?

Pelipod delivery box video screenshot


Pelipod is smart and easy to use.


Watch the video and see for yourself.

Pelipod Planet

carbon-footprint-leaf.pngFailed deliveries shouldn't cost the earth.


Whether you collect a parcel or have it redelivered, every missed delivery generates more CO2 emissions.


Cut your carbon footprint with Pelipod.