Let your parcels come to you

Which retailers can I use?


Simply, all!  Pelipod allows you, as the consumer, to generate your own unique parcel codes to be included in your address details.  This means that any order you place, regardless of retailer, can be delivered to your Pelipod.


Which carriers can use Pelipod?


Again, simply, all!  The unique parcel code held in the address field is available to the driver delivering that specific parcel. Pelipod are working with all carriers to train their drivers.  You may find one or two that aren’t aware, but simply show them where your Pelipod is and even show them how to use the parcel code to open it.


Is it easy for Couriers to use?

 Very, very easy.  We have had excellent feedback from Couriers:

  • A 3-step instruction card is stuck to the top of the Pelipod to simplify the process for the Courier
  • Courier depots will help Pelipod with training their drivers
  • Pelipod makes the courier’s job easier – parcels can be left safely and securely when no one is home, and the courier does not have to worry about leaving parcels unattended


Can Pelipod handle multiple deliveries in a day?


Yes!  Each parcel has a unique parcel code held in the address field.  The courier driver enters that code to open your Pelipod and leave your parcel.  Pelipod takes photos of the contents and, therefore, can prove what has been delivered.  Every time it is opened and closed, photographs are taken, proving if anything has been taken out.


Is Pelipod available everywhere?


Pelipod uses 2G mobile technology and searches for the best network in the area to communicate. This means that it can't be used where there isn't a mobile phone signal at all. So, unfortunately, if you live in a "mobile dead" zone, it won't work.


I live in flats/do not have a front garden – will this work for me?


No, sadly not at present.

  • We are working on adapting the product to work for flats
  • Please email Sales@pelipod.com if you would like to be advised when flat-friendly Pelipods become available


What about large parcels?


Pelipod does fit some rather large parcels, but admittedly a washing machine might be a stretch. At the moment, 95% of parcels fit inside it, but we’re working on a Pelipod solution to accommodate the rest. You could easily fit 15 shoe boxes, or 70 paperback books, or even eight tennis racquets... Or lots and lots of printer cartridges.


What about ‘signed for’ parcels?


  • Pelipod records all opening and closing of the lid and also takes photos of the contents at these times, providing evidence of delivery that is often safer than a scrawl on an electronic pad
  • Additionally, Couriers are able to scan an Asset barcode attached to the underside of the lid as proof that they have delivered a parcel
  • Pelipod are in talks with couriers to ensure that the barcode scan is always accepted as ‘signed for’


Can't someone steal the Pelipod?


At Pelipod we know security is important, and Pelipod has been designed to be as secure as possible.  Pelipod can be firmly secured to a supporting fixture or to the ground, so your items are totally safe. In the unlikely event that it is moved, our support team will not only lock it down so it can’t be opened, they'll also track its location using the smart internal electronics.


Isn't it expensive?


No. How much does it cost someone to stay at home for a delivery or queue at a Post Office or drive to a depot to collect a parcel?  That’s expensive. Pelipod was designed with convenience in mind and to deliver value for money.   


Why is there a monthly charge?


Pelipod is a smart piece of technology and is communicating with the central system, several times per day.  So, on the one hand it is a bit like a mobile device.  We also want to ensure that the Pelipod is always working properly and doing a good job for you.  Therefore, we ensure that it has the latest software loaded onto it, we send you a new battery when it needs replacing and we come and fix it if, in the very unlikely case, it breaks.  We don’t want you to buy something that becomes obsolete or if it did stop working you couldn’t get it fixed – we don’t think that is fair to you or good for us.


What are the dimensions of a Pelipod?


61cm deep, 61cm wide and 70cm high – this is larger than the maximum dimensions for a parcel sent through Royal Mail.


Does a Pelipod need to be connected to my home WIFI?


The Pelipod is “stand-alone” and communicates using 2G mobile technology.  See Our Product Page for more details.


Does a Pelipod need to be connected to my mains electricity?


The Pelipod is “stand-alone” and powered by a battery. Each Pelipod monitors the power in the battery and a new one will be sent to you before the battery runs out. See Our Product Page for more details.


Isn't Pelipod the same as a locker box?


Locker boxes are only limited to certain towns and cities, and our research shows they can be just as inconvenient as collecting a parcel yourself from a depot. Many locker boxes have specific opening hours and aren’t in a convenient location. Pelipod is right where you need it, whenever you need it.



Are there any additional costs?


Standard courier costs will be charged for delivery (and collection in cases of cancellation). Pelipod does not charge a premium on standard courier fees.

Additional costs may be incurred in cases of damage to the Pelipod and all costs are outlined in the Pelipod Terms and Conditions.

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