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Pelipod is currently manufactured in one size, with a height of 700mm (including lid) and a depth and width of 610mm. We know that all parcels are different and you all order differently, so we are working on other size Pelipods and these will be available next year.     

                                                  Pelipod Size



Everyone's home is different and we know you want a Pelipod that works for you.  We currently have four colours, which will suit most people, but we are happy to discuss other colour requirements as we may be able to introduce that to the range too.


             Ladybird Red         Meadow Green

                                LadyBird Red                                                Meadow Green



             Forest Green         Pelican Grey  

                                   Forest Green                                                    Pelican Grey

Features of a Pelipod

Pelipod uses GPRS functionality and operates with any available mobile signal irrespective of the telecoms provider, it is smart enough to find the strongest signal.  This enables 2-way messaging with the central Pelipod system for communication of secure codes, usage, notifications, event capture and remote system functionality monitoring.  Pelipod undertakes daily "health" checks of the key circuitry to ensure that everything is working properly and notifies us if there is a problem.


You can view the transactions and users assigned to your Pelipod through our Portal, available via desktop and mobile.


Your Pelipod is designed for  long service.  Pelipod can be fully recycled at the end of its life.


Your Pelipod is powered by a specially designed high-powered Lithium Ion battery (it can't use an ‘off the shelf’ one).  Battery life is around a year and Pelipod Ltd will provide a replacement before the battery has expired.

Security features of a Pelipod

Your Pelipod is a theft resistant box made with a proportion of recycled material. There is an integral lock mechanism that can only be operated with a secure code. In the event of a battery-power failure, your Pelipod remains locked.


Your Pelipod can easily be secured at the premises via a theft resistant coated steel cable. The cable can be securely looped around or through an 'eye-bolt' in a wall, a fence rail, drain-pipe or even a tree, it is secured inside the Pelipod with a simple-to-use clamp. 


Pelipod was designed to cope with extremes far outside of the typical British weather conditions. It is fully weather resistant and all components are able to operate between -20°C and + 50°C.

Why Wait?

Pelipod delivery box video screenshot


Pelipod is smart and easy to use.


Watch the video and see for yourself.

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Whether you collect a parcel or have it redelivered, every missed delivery generates more CO2 emissions.


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