Live a little


With Pelipod,  your parcels are delivered to you. No waiting in, no uncertainty and no travelling to collect.



red-pelipod-house.jpg green-tick.png Use with any courier or supplier



green-tick.png Lets you get on with your real job



green-tick.png Works 24/7 whether you are in or not



green-tick.png Safe, secure and convenient



green-tick.png Spacious enough for multiple parcels



green-tick.png Self contained; no extenral power or WiFi integration needed



green-tick.pngEmail confirmation when deliveries are made



green-tick.pngAlso does your parcel returns




Why wait?

Pelipod delivery box video screenshot


Pelipod is smart and easy to use.


Watch the video and see for yourself.

Pelipod Planet

carbon-footprint-leaf.pngFailed deliveries shouldn't cost the earth.


Whether you collect a parcel or have it redelivered, every missed delivery generates more CO2 emissions.


Cut your carbon footprint with Pelipod.